TriXstar - Live My Life (Selec's Spark Ignite Remix) Lyrics Video




Live My Life expresses TriXstar's wish to live her life in the way she wants and that she doesn't want to be told by others what to do. The song was written at a time, when the world was dealing with the Corona lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter movement raised worldwide attention to an unbearable situation. Obviously you can read the song with these events in mind, but it's rooted way before that time and goes way beyond these recent events. TriXstar speaks for all those who feel that they've been hold back and can't live to their full potential. This song is a cry for freedom and hopes to encourage people to get rid of the chains that holding them back, so they can enrich the world with their talent, their gifts, and their love. With this project a dream came true, as this single is a part of an all female riddim sampler. The project is called Female Reggae Voices and the sampler will be released on August 21st with 16 tracks by female artists from around the world.

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